H.B. Guildford & Co., Inc.

Reamers, Parabolic Flute Drills

H.B. Guildford & Co., Inc. is a renowned supplier of industrial and precision instruments.

Our History

H.B. Guildford & Co., Inc. was founded by Howard B. Guildford in the late 1940's. After serving in the Marines, Howard developed HBGCo as a local mill supply.In the years since, the company has prospered, and today serves an expanded market with speciality cutting tools, gauges, precision tools, and a host of local items.

Precision Tools

Stubby Reamers

Parabolic Flute Drills

HBGCo continues to be operated within the family. Harvey, Bertha, Larry and Laurie represent the 2nd and 3rd generations of Guildfords at the the Torrington, CT store.